Arsenal looking to go unspectacular this summer (shocker) - football

Arsenal looking to go unspectacular this summer (shocker)

You know when people are like, ‘Christmas has started because the Pret Christmas Latte just dropped’ or something nauseatingly basic like that" The football equivalent is, ‘you know summer has started when Ornstein drops a bombshell that Arsenal will be shite in the transfer window.’
He’s only gone and done it AGAIN.
Top level: ‘It’s going to be a bit bland’
If we lose against Chelsea, £40m is our starting point.
We’re going project youth with a bit of experience (same as last summer).
We want a centre back, an Aaron replacement, and a winger type entity.
Additionally, if there is an extra special deal, we’ll chase a left back, right back and a striker.
ARSENAL WILL NOT BREACH FFP Thank fuck for the last snippet, I know there’s been a lot of grumblings in the community of late about making sure we don’t EVER break a single rule, right now, I’m just letting off a massive sigh of THANK FUCK that we’re going to play it safe.
So what to make of this goss fest"
Well, don’t wet those panties you absolute man child. Also, why are you wearing panties" Grow up and step away from your mum’s lingerie drawer you 35-year-old freak. Get your 2001 Beano branded specials on and let’s dive into the mixer like peak Bobby P against Pompey.

If we are a Europa League club, blasting money away isn’t sensible. The MIGHTY Swiss Ramble has some analysis on how badly we’...
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