On the January transfer window, and why it should get busier for Arsenal - football

On the January transfer window, and why it should get busier for Arsenal

So far during January Arsenal have done two confirmed transfer deals. We’ve had one in, and one out. The arrival was young Greek defender Konstantinos Mavropanos, who was supposed to then go out on loan because of his relative inexperience.
However, the manager appears to have changed his mind on that after watching him in training for a few days. After the 0-0 draw with Chelsea on Wednesday night, he said:
I personally want to keep him until May to know him better, to asses his level. The first signs he has shown are so encouraging that I decided to keep him until May.
How much of it is because he’s been impressive on the training ground, and how much of it is because we need some reassurance and depth there because of injuries & aging elsewhere remains to be seen, but it looks as if he’s going to be part of the squad from now until the end of the season. The out, and probably the first departure of a few, was Francis Coquelin who signed for Valencia yesterday. The fee is reported to be 12m, not a huge amount in the current market, but when you give a player a long-term contract just 12 months previously, and a very healthy pay rise, that will have an effect.
To Coquelin’s credit he’s moved to play regular football, eschewing the possibility of sitting around and earning big like others have in the past, knowing that their playing time would be minimal. There’s no question his salary at Valencia would be considerably lower than it w...
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