Atlético Madrid know they need to improve their attack to turn a corner - football

Atlético Madrid know they need to improve their attack to turn a corner

The links with Alvaro Morata might not work out but Atlético need to improve their attack if they want to win this year At the very heart of buying and selling players is risk management. Can the player produce on the field or will they accept a role on the bench if not" Is there sell-on value in case they don?t fit in" Will they add to the dressing room or take away from it"
More often than not at Atlético Madrid, however, it?s how they adapt to the demands of Diego Simeone, his gruelling fitness sessions and his even more taxing expectations on the field. Players who looked like they could be exceptional and bought based on potential crumble under these expectations and only the mentally and physically resilient remain.
The club?s recent links with Chelsea?s Alvaro Morata have been disregarded because he doesn?t seem like a Cholo type player. One of the main reasons he is said to be keen on a move away from Stamford Bridge is because of Gianfranco?s needling of him in a press conference prior to their FA Cup game against Nottingham Forest about the confidence he needs as a world class striker. ?They expect a lot of goals and many great performances. This is normal and Alvaro has to get used to it,? said the Italian. ?He plays at Chelsea, not at Southampton or Brighton.?
Atlético Madrid are a big club but not a huge one. They know they need to spend to compete but are aware that when it comes to the trading of players, they need to be careful. They hav...
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