Vidal disrespected his team-mates - Segura - football

Vidal disrespected his team-mates - Segura

The Chilean's been told to fix his mistake Barcelona midfielder Arturo Vidal posted a photo of angry emoji recently on Instagram. Which before we continue into the actual news, is incredibly hilarious.
He also posted another message which read: ?You don?t need to fight with Judases, they end up hanging themselves? - which was swiftly deleted.
Anyways, after the posts, Barcelona general manager Pep Segura came out and made it clear that Vidal must fix the mistake.

?He has made a mistake and he must fix it,? Segura said. ?He has shown disrespect towards his fellow teammates and now there is the opportunity to put that right, which I am sure he will take.
?Our current squad" We have a stronger squad than last season and that was the objective, we have achieved that.
?Ernesto Valverde" He is on a two-year deal and there is an option to add a third, we will come to a decision which suits both parties.?
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We?ll see how this plays out, all I can hope for is another emoji filled post from Vidal.

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