Exploring life after Lewy [part 2]: international pedigree - football

Exploring life after Lewy [part 2]: international pedigree

Exploring life after Lewy [part 2]: international pedigree

With Bayern Munich strategically getting younger, when will Robert Lewandowski have to give up his place and who could follow" A look at the international options. With two of the top three strikers from last season having left the Bundesliga in less than a year, the signs potentially look bad for Bayern. Add to that Bayern?s ongoing rejuvenation of the squad and we have to ask ourselves...could it be time for Robert Lewandowski (29 years-old) to go"
While this seems a bit far fetched, there will come a time where it becomes relevant to talk about who will succeed Lewy. In part one we looked at the German options. In Timo Werner (RB Leipzig) the Bundesliga has one high-potential candidate, who seems to fit the profile they are currently recruiting: young, German and talented.
The one big negative for Werner may be that he is not a classic no. 9 and rather fits the profile of a winger at Bayern. With that in mind we will check out potential options for life after Robert Lewandowski from outside the Bundesliga. As mentioned before, the profile I will be looking at is young (20-26), talented, able to lead from the front and someone who has established themselves to a Bayern standard. The top dog: Harry Kane

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There are so many reason why this won?t happen, but because Harry Kane of Tottenham Hotspur is currently the highest scoring player in Europe, he has to be on the list. Not only that, but as the captain of his team he has shown the necessary mentality to lead a front line. That international pedigree mixed with Kane?s age (only 24), makes him the dream candidate for every top team in Europe?including, of course, Bayern who are looking for a no. 9 to lead their next generation team.
Why this won?t happen:
First of all Kane doesn?t seem done with Tottenham. In an article with The Player?s Tribune he recently said this:
I picture myself lifting the Premier League trophy at our new stadiu... view: 0
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