Why der Klassiker will shape the remainder of the season for Bayern Munich - football

Why der Klassiker will shape the remainder of the season for Bayern Munich

The locker room, the manager?s job and a lot more could be at stake in arguably the biggest matchup of the season thus far Bayern Munich are facing various problems this season, which are glaringly visible on the pitch. Be it constant ?brain farts? on defense, an unparalleled lethargy and lack of ideas in attack or an absence of a motivation of any kind, the team is undergoing an underwhelming phase of football.
And now we face Dortmund, who are literally flying on top of the Bundesliga. So what exactly are our main problems at this point" Let?s take a look.
An attack devoid of identity
Bayern?s attack is facing a problem that has plagued them consistently this season - their total shots amount to crazy numbers, but the shots on target are just disastrous in comparison. Looking at the stats during the Bayern vs Freiburg game and the Bayern vs Mainz victory just a week ago, we could surmise that Bayern should have outscored its opponents every game by at least three goals, but the results suggest otherwise. An underwhelming performance against Freiburg saw Die Roten register a meager six shots on target out of a total of 24; out of which only one managed to find its way back into the net. Absolutely scandalous. Robert Lewandowski is working hard this season, just like he normally does. He just doesn?t get the support he deserves from the wings. Whenever Franck Ribery plays, the entire attack just slows down, and Arjen Robben isn?t doing great either. When looking...
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