There are an awful lot of good signs about the group - football

There are an awful lot of good signs about the group

There are an awful lot of good signs about the group

Burnley travel to Crystal Palace tomorrow and a date with former England manager Roy Hodgson who took over the club he supported as a boy earlier in the season.
He’s certainly brought about some sort of recovery after their poor start. What has he done to improve things" “Encourage them to give their best and try to bring out the best in them,” he said. “I inherited a good group of players and it is a good working environment, and we try to take our work on the training pitch onto the field on a Saturday afternoon.
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“We are where we are. My sole consideration is taking each match as it comes and there is no doubt our goal is to survive in the Premier League. That’s all we can concentrate on.”
Asked about Sean Dyche, Hodgson added: “He is doing an excellent job. He deserves the credit. He has built up a very good team and over the last couple of years he has got them playing well and picking up points in the Premier League. It is totally justified in my opinion.” He even suggested he could land the England job Hodgson himself held. “Of course, why not"” he said. “The job of England manager is who the FA think is the right person for the job. Why should he not be considered"”
Sean Dyche has had to contend with a number of injuries in recent weeks but has been delighted with the performances from the players who have stepped in. “It’s very unusual for us to have this little run of soft tissue injuries because we’ve been so strong in that area for the last five years,” he said.
“It’s coincided with so many games coming over the Christmas and New Year period too, but hopefully, now the game schedule slows down a little and there’s a couple of free weekends on the horizon, we can ease people back and get them fit again.

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