‘Lacazette is showing absolutely no promising signs’ - football

‘Lacazette is showing absolutely no promising signs’

‘Lacazette is showing absolutely no promising signs’

Chelsea fans discuss the potential of a new stadium, while the performances of Lacazette and Morata are scrutinised in Your Says of the Day.
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The Alexis dilemma
Either go and play for arguably the most innovative manager in the world football and get a (virtually) guaranteed PL medal this season OR go and learn how to be a left back under Mourinho ? it?s a no-brainer really.
If it?s about the money, he?ll go to United ? apparently, they?ve offered more to Arsenal and a higher wage to Sanchez.

If it?s ambition, with a better chance to win the bigger trophies, and improve himself as a player, then it?s City.

I think the choice will be his ? time will tell.
The problem of FSG

Suarez still gave us a wonderful season after he went on strike. FSG refused to sell and stand firm, probably the prie from Arsenal was too low. Then, Suarez bite a player in the world cup. FSG rushed to sell him once the Barca. offer came in, part of the reason is because of a higher price. We are a little bit better than Southamptom because we can keep our best player for a few days more. However RB Leipzig is better than us, even they let Keita join us in Jan. (no confirmation yet), they keep their best player longer than us. P.S. Liverpool is financial far stronger than Leipzig and we failed to keep our best player longer than them.
We are in the driving seat of the Coutinho deal, long contract, no release clause and a coming World Cup year. However FSG decided to take the money ASAP. Good owner"
Football Scouser
Football Scouser, get your facts right.
Keita was bought in the summer and Van Dijk would have been bought in the summer if a Liverpool FC employee did not mess up. None of these deals were linked to Coutinho being sold, as we refused to sell him ? so why do you keep jumping to absolutely illogical conclusions, blaming FSG for nothing"
Also regarding Coutinho, FSG left t... view: 0
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