Chelsea fans ? A sense of realism please. - football

Chelsea fans ? A sense of realism please.

You would think that we are mid-season, having some sort of nightmare season with everything going against us if you were to believe some of the messages on forums and social media within the last 24-hours! All of us were pumped when Frank Lampard took over the club, to then see him conduct his first press-conference as the Chelsea manager, through pre-season and once those games were finished we were literally counting down the days until the season started. We all had the same optimism, we all felt the same excitement and we all believed in what Frank Lampard and the coaching staff were trying to do. So because of ONE game this all has to change" Get serious for god sake! OK, I admit it?s not the start we all wanted but as Frank said himself yesterday ?It wasn?t a 0-4 game? He was spot on because of the chances we had, not just half-chances but good chances. Think about it, for Manchester United it was one of those days where they rode their luck in the first-half, got their break with the penalty, rode their luck again at the end of the first-half and then capitalized on three mistakes in the second-half. If they had the same opportunities again from the same mistakes, they would probably score one or two. As for Chelsea, on another day we could have been quite easily two up by half time. The more I think about it, the more I believe that we need to just forget the game and move on. What happens on Wednesday night (Super cup against the Dippers) isn?t what our season ...
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