Stoke v Everton Preview - football

Stoke v Everton Preview

Stoke v Everton Preview

Another week closer to the conclusion of a season that will be remembered as yet another missed opportunity in the masochistic book of Everton.
You?re used to these experiences  by now, but the added carrot of spending a shit load of money and raising your expectations has hopefully found new levels of disappointment in this, a season so toxic that it could froth you or I on a park bench at will.
This fixture reuniting two teams who last met on the first game of the season, a game that seems almost surreal in the rampant optimism that enveloped it. At least from our side anyway.

Last week?s heavy petting of Brighton has placed us on to 37 points. and thanks to there being many worse than Brighton and Everton it should be enough to ensure another season of top flight football for the toffs. Reward! As nonchalant as we may allow ourselves to become about that, my arse was gone for stretches this season thinking the kopites would be dusting off the old 94 bantz coffin. So with me lashing the figurative flip flops on in March it?s probably a good idea for the club to start planning on being much, much better in season 2018/19. Whether that?s sea change in players, manager or a director or two matters not. Just sort the shit out. Maybe use this time too to try and gain some sort of momentum for next season, and even to develop a player or 4 who?s young or been bought for extortionate amounts, maybe even from the Dutch league.
Not that I?m thinking for one moment that Everton have bottomed out on pain in this season quite yet, especially when there?s a double header of City and the Big Red Highway Grockers Republic directly afterwards.

Everton?s most pressing challenge is their schizophrenic problem of late, being unable to build any momentum (and therefore: goodwill) by suffering hideous away performances on the back of solid home performances. Front foot committed football, played with verve, will seduce any Evertonian. Especially if it p... view: 2
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