Juventus 1 - Manchester United 2: Initial reaction and random observations - football

Juventus 1 - Manchester United 2: Initial reaction and random observations

So, about the last few minutes of that game... Based on the tone of the two British announcers during the course of the proceedings, you would have thought that Juventus allowing a goal in the Champions League this season was going to be deemed borderline illegal. They gave off the impression that United getting a goal was never going to happen simply based on the fact that Juve hadn?t allowed a goal through their first three group stage games.
Well, yeah.
About that.
Juventus let Manchester United hang around and hang around and hang around. And what happened" It came back to bite Juve right on its black-and-white backside. Two preventable free kicks led to United not just stealing three points right under the nose of Juventus as they imploded within the span off about four minutes. United got the 2-1 win Wednesday night when it looked like they couldn?t really do much of anything right and delayed Juve?s celebrations when it came to advancing to the Champions League Round of 16. So much for talking all about that pass from Leonardo Bonucci to Cristiano Ronaldo and the goal that Juve?s two big summer signings combined to create for at least 10,000 words in this post-game thread.
Kaboom went the thread as Bonucci, Alex Sandro and Wojciech Szczesny all combined to allow United to get one of the ugliest game-winning goals you?ll ever see at Allianz Stadium.
And kaboom went Juventus? chances of beating Manchester United for the second time within the span of two wee...
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