The Problem With Claims That Liverpool Are Missing Zeljko Buvac - football

The Problem With Claims That Liverpool Are Missing Zeljko Buvac

I ENJOY an unlikely part of the internet.
Not the mad 4chan, alt-right, hate the world stuff. But the lighter madness. Flat earthers on YouTube, teenagers writing fan fiction about popstars, vloggers with millions of followers for no obvious reason. That sort of thing.
It has recently come to my attention that there is also a part of the internet reserved for the Zeljko Buvac fan club. Well I say recently, it first came to my attention a few weeks ago now. When we’d ask for topics for our Wildcards show on TAW Player and people kept saying Buvac. He’d become the new season tickets versus members as the hot topic of the internet for Liverpool fans.
I couldn’t really understand what anyone wanted me to say. I’d never heard him speak about football, only had a mild idea about what the specifics of his job were at Liverpool and had no idea why he had left. And, just to remind everyone, Liverpool had also just won their first seven games of football. So I really didn’t give a hoot who was sat next to Jürgen Klopp in the dugout. But then we started winning less games, although again to remind everyone, we still haven’t lost in the Premier League, and the “bring Buvac back” campaign went into full force. It is now everywhere. Don’t believe me" Go onto Liverpool’s Facebook page and find the announcement that the club will have a poppy on their shirt this weekend to mark Remembrance Sunday and then look at the replies....
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