Fans point to stat that shows why Lukaku may be done at Man Utd - football

Fans point to stat that shows why Lukaku may be done at Man Utd

Manchester United fans are not pleased with Paul Pogba despite the win at Juventus, while Liverpool readers question Jurgen Klopp’s tactics – all in Your Says of the Day.
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Not a bad result considering we carried Pogba for the whole match. Hard to believe a player of that talent can be that bad! I thought Sanchez worked hard and we showed alot more movement with him and Lingard. Would still like to see Fred given a run and we desperately need a CB in Jan. These 2 CB?s scare me to death.
One big result in the season last year it was the city comeback. The real test is to take this on and build on it take risks believe and you?ll surprise yourselves and the fans. united_we_win
Great win for us. Everyone played well apart from Pogba and Matic. Still think we?d be better with Fred and Herrera behind Pogba.
Sanchez looking better game after game upfront. 3 wins on the bounce without lukaku, what does that tell you"
Martial top class again. Werent some of you ready to bin him off"!
Herrera great too. He?s another one.

Congratulations lads on an excellent win. Pleased for Mourinho and that win must just get the media off his back for a while. Sick of listening to Scholes, Ferdinand, Neville and the like constantly bitching. So bloody vocal the lot of them. Even after that win they are into Mourinho about his ...
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