January Mailbag: Football academies, injuries, Eriksen, Javi Sanchez, and more - football

January Mailbag: Football academies, injuries, Eriksen, Javi Sanchez, and more

Kiyan?s monthly mailbag ? the first of 2019. These observations ? where I look at Real Madrid?s history, its players on loan, Castilla, tactical tidbits, and other relevant thoughts -- are now a regular thing. All previous editions can be found here.

Welcome to this month?s mailbag. Thanks for all your questions. I couldn?t get to all of them, but if you couldn?t find an answer to your question, it?s probably because I?ve already answered it in a previous mailbag or column. If you want a guaranteed response to your question, hit us up on Patreon.
Let?s go.

For context, Matt Wiltse and I discussed this on the podcast before the Villarreal game here, and this is a follow-up to that.
It?s interesting that Real Madrid hasn?t really ventured into India (or other heavily populated countries) the way PSG, Liverpool, Arsenal, or Barcelona have. But what we alluded to on the podcast, and it still holds true, is that it may not be entirely beneficial for them to do so. The James and Keylor examples don?t really paint the entire story. James was one of the best players in a World Cup, leading an entire nation to a memorable run; and Keylor Navas was the best player on a World Cup team who was already in La Liga, and fit a positional need. With all due respect, while it would be a feel-good story to have an academy in India for everyone involved, Real Madrid probably haven?t prioritized schools there (or elsewhere) because they can simply just buy a young pl...
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