West Ham chief urges fan support as he teases big changes - football

West Ham chief urges fan support as he teases big changes

West Ham chief urges fan support as he teases big changes

West Ham have endured another difficult season at the London Stadium and the pressure on the Hammers has increased yet again, as they battle to maintain their Premier League status.
A vital victory against Watford on Saturday afternoon handed a huge boost to that quest but it’s clear significant improvements are needed across the board if the Hammers are to pull into a position where they’re on course to meet their long-term objectives.
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Fans have understandably been frustrated with the past few seasons but co-chairman David Sullivan has called for the backing of supporters after revealing that the club are set for a huge restructure, as reported by The Evening Standard.
In a statement on the club’s official website, Sullivan said:
?Only the manager can sign players. Going forward, we are going to completely re-jig it, I am going to delegate the whole thing to a huge new analysis system and a new head of recruitment, massive video analysis department, increase the scouting.”
?Every player will be looked at five or six times, we won?t be signing a player based on who the manager has never seen play; the manager will watch him play and we hope we will spend our money better. We are not going to spend money for the sake of it.?

The changes will certainly be seen as necessary given West Ham’s faili... view: 0
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