Rivaldo backs Chelsea star Eden Hazard to make transfer switch to Real Madrid - football

Rivaldo backs Chelsea star Eden Hazard to make transfer switch to Real Madrid

Hazard ‘dreams’ of playing for Real (Picture: Getty)
Rivaldo believes Real Madrid must try and sign Eden Hazard because the Chelsea forward has the ability to take over La Liga.
Hazard is the subject of intense transfer speculation as the Belgian admits his dream is to play for Real.
Chelsea refused to sell Hazard during the summer, but the Premier League’s top scorer spoke out about a potential switch to Spain last weekend.
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Hazard conceded he was torn between staying at Chelsea or signing for Real, but Brazil legend Rivaldo thinks the goalscorer would be a better fit for La Liga. ‘The Belgian attacker is a great player and could be a very good option for his ‘dream club’ Real Madrid in the next transfer window,’ Rivaldo said speaking toBetfair.
‘Hazard was excellent for Belgium at the World Cup and has started the new Premier League season very well.
Rivaldo thinks Hazard could be even better playing in La Liga (Picture: Getty)
‘For that reason, Real Madrid should be considering his signing, especially given their recent poor form and Hazard’s stated desire to play at the Bernabeu.
‘This kind of move could be good for the club and fans, as the arrival of a top player would give a much needed boost after ...
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